Affiliate Internet Marketing (3)

Affiliate Internet Marketing (3)

I've been doing some Affiliate Internet Marketing recently. This is an action that I've read a lot about and even played around with but never became real serious about it. purchased a novel a couple of weeks back and everything just clicked in the online affiliate marketing arena. that constantly has driven me insane about Online Affiliate marketing is the fact that when you join an affiliate program and log on to the back office, there's training material. You'll find banner ads, text ads, e-mail advertising, offline classified advertising and many other promotional tools. 'll let you know to join the surf for traffic websites, submit some articles to directories and Ezines, post replies in forums leaving your link in the signature file. (Some newsgroups do not even enable affiliate links) and answer some questions in Yahoo answers leaving links to your website here and there as references.


The only thing that NINE out of ten of these affiliate back offices with all of there training offer you zero help in building your own mailing list. Yes I 've found that 90% of affiliate programs out there only would like you to send traffic to your special affiliate link and then the real site owner collects the name and e-mail. Can you see how you'll be paying to advertise your page and develop a list for them making a few sales here and there.


If 'm spending money or time, I need the subscriber for future contact and sales. There are of good systems out there which steer you right and sometimes even supply a lead capture (splash, landing, magnetizer) page that you can edit and place your own autoresponder code helping you to construct your own list.


I set one of these little systems up a couple weeks back, and I am making sales on a regular basis. This is cool as the commission pays $45 and all I did was set it up once. It's now on auto pilot. My advice to you is to never encourage any program until you can get a double opt in with name and e-mail before redirecting traffic to your affiliate page.


Now that was a mouth full about Affiliate Internet Marketing.


To Your Success,